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Facts About World - 2

51. The national flower of China is ---> Narcissus
52. The permanent secretariat of the SAARC is located at ---> Kathmandu
53. The gateway to the Gulf of Iran is ---> Strait of Hormuz
54. The first Industrial Revolution took place in ---> England
55. World Environment Day is observed on --->5th June
56. The first Republican President of America was ---> Abraham Lincoln
57. The country famous for Samba dance is ---> Brazil
58. The name of Alexander's horse was ---> Beucephalus
59. Singapore was founded by ---> Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles
60. The famous British one-eyed Admiral was ---> Nelson
61. The earlier name of Sri Lanka was ---> Ceylon
62. The UNO was formed in the year ---> 1945
63. UNO stands for ---> United Nations Organization
64. The independence day of South Korea is celebrated on ---> 15th August
65. `Last Judgement' was the first painting of an Italian painter named ---> Michelangelo
66. Paradise Regained was written by ----> John Milton
67. The first President of Egypt was ---> Mohammed Nequib
68. The first man to reach North Pole was ---> Rear Peary
69. The most famous painting of Pablo Picasso was ---> Guermica
70. The primary producer of newsprint in the world is ---> Canada
71. The first explorer to reach the South Pole was ---> Cap. Ronald Amundson
72. The person who is called the father of modern Italy is ---> G.Garibaldi
73. World literacy day is celebrated on ---> 8th September
74. The founder of modern Germany is ---> Bismarck
75. The country known as the land of the midnight sun is ---> Norway
76. The place known as the Roof of the world is ---> Tibet
77. The founder of the Chinese Republic was ---> San Yat Sen
78. The first Pakistani to receive the Nobel Prize was ---> Abdul Salam
79. The first woman Prime Minister of Britain was ---> Margaret Thatcher
80. The first Secretary General of the UNO was ---> Trygve Lie
81. The sculptor of the statue of Liberty was ---> Frederick Auguste Bartholdi
82. The port of Banku is situated in ---> Azerbaijan
83. John F Kennedy was assassinated by ---> Lee Harry Oswald
84. The largest river in France is --> Lore
85. The Queen of England who married her brother-in-law was ---> Catherine of Aragon
86. The first negro to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize was --> Ralph Johnson Bunche
87. The first British University to admit women for degree courses was --> London University
88. The principal export of Jamaica is --> Sugar
89. New York is popularly known as the city of --> Skyscrapers
90. Madagascar is popularly known as the Island of --> Cloves
91. The country known as the Land of White Elephant is --> Thailand
92. The country known as the Land of Morning Calm is --> Korea
93. The country known as the Land of Thunderbolts is --> Bhutan
94. The highest waterfalls in the world is the --> Salto Angel Falls, Venezuela
95. The largest library in the world is the --> United States Library of Congress, Washington DC
97. When was the Munich olynpics held --> 1972
98. Which is the largest cruise ship in the world --> Queen Mary II
99. Which company is going to launch the aircraft “dreamliner”? --> Boeing
100. Who is known as Muffakir-e-Pakistan ("The Thinker of Pakistan"), Shair-e-Mashriq ("The Poet of the East"), and Hakeem-ul-Ummat ("The Sage of Ummah") --->Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal


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