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301. What was Rank of Lakshmi Mittal & Mukesh Ambani in 10 World's Billionaires by Forbes Magazine --> Lakshami 8 , Mukesh 7
302. The excavations at Utkottai in Tamil Nadu have unraveled the historical facts related to which Chola King of 11-12th Century AD --> Rajendra Chola-I
303. Who was declared Player of Tournament in Women's World Cup --> Claire Taylor
304. Which team won the 17th senior National Women's Championship in Neyveli on March 2009 --> Manipur
305. Accenture Match Play Championship is related to which sports --> Golf
306. Which company has won three awards at the 'Goafest 2009' advertising festival recently (April 12, 2009) --> Himani
307. A summit of Asian leaders was cancelled on after anti-government protesters swarmed into the meeting's venue, renewing doubts about the durability of the government. Where --> Thailand
308. World Hemophilia Day is celebrated on what date --> April 17
309. IIPCAG, comprising key representatives involved in IP criminal law enforcement. What is the full form --> Interpol Intellectual Property Crime Action Group
310. On what date World Press Freedom Day is celebrated --> 3 May
311. Which north east state was brought under President Rule recently --> Meghalaya
312. The National Advisory Committee on Accounting Standards (Nacas), on accounting policies followed by the Indian industry, has favored suspending for two years of which norms --> AS 11
313. Who has written I Witness: Partial Observations --> Kapil Sibal
314. Where was held the 18th Global Summit of Women --> Hanoi
315. An autonomous underwater vehicle which is to be produced by India by 2009 is --> Varunastra
316. Which spacecraft of America took the first closeup photographs of Moon --> Ranger 7
317. Shanghai Cooperation Organization's conference on Afghanistan, was held in march 2009 at which place --> Moscow
318. Recently , due to political upheavals Madagascar was expelled from which union --> The African Union
319. Which country has been a cause of souring China & US relationships --> Taiwan (China is unhappy over military sales of US to Taiwan)
320. Baden-Baden and Kohl in Germany were recently in news because of the following summits held there --> NATO summit
321. Where was Global Automotive Sourcing Summit 2009 held on April 21, 2009 --> Shanghai
322. Automobile Major Bajaj has tied up with which companies to bring out the ULC' (ultra low cost), car by 2011 --> Renault & Nissan
323. CBI court has recently sentenced M Gopalakrishnana to 14 years rigorous imprisonment for fraud and misuse of official position while being CMD of which bank --> Indian Bank
324. Swine Flu which has recently hit Mexico and other countries is a mutated strain of the virus denoted by --> H1N1
325. Who is the new Finance Secretary of India --> Mr. Ashok Chawla
326. Which government had established Abel Prize on the pattern of Nobel Prizes --> Norway
327. Recently Mr. Bindeshwar pathak was given Stockholm Water Prize 2009. He belongs to which of the NGO --> Sulabh International
328. Who presents Luther L Terry awards --> American Cancer Society
329. Which award was conferred to Shamshad Beghum recently --> Padma Bhushan
330. Serfs Emancipation Day is related to which Place --> Tibet
331. Bacillus Aryabhatta is a name given to a new bacteria strain found by --> ISRO
332. The campaign " Incredible India" was launched by Ministry of Tourism and a TV channel . Which is that TV channel --> NDTV
333. national Technology Day is celebrated on which date --> 11 May
334. On what date World-No Tobacco Day is observed --> May 31
335. ANTRIX is a corporation of government of India. What is the purpose of ANTRIX --> Commercially sell Products & Services of Indian Space Program
336. Which diseases is called " Pink Eye" --> Conjuctivitis
337. Baba Amte is known for which of the following social work --> Work for Leprosy Patients
338. National Security Guards was created by the Government of India on the pattern of Special Air Service & GSG-9 of two European Countries. Which are these two countries respectively --> UK & Germany
339. National Sample Survey Organization (NSSO) conducts nationwide sample surveys on various socio-economic issues in successive rounds, each round covering subjects of current interest in a specific survey period. Who is the founder of this Organization --> Prof. P.C.Mahalanobis
340. Which organization of Government of India is the repository of the non-current records of the Government of India and is holding them in trust for the use of administrators and scholars --> The National Archives of India
341. Which committee has been constituted by Supreme Court to curb the menace of Ragging --> Raghavan Committee
342. When was The Hindu marriage Act enacted by the parliament --> 1955
343. Where is located the SEZ Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park --> Chandigarh
344. Which peak of the Himalaya has the name Chogo Gangri --> K2
345. Which port is called Child of Partition --> Kandla
346. Which is the currency of Israel --> Shekel
347. What was "Colonial Height" that struck Virginia of US in 2008 --> Tornado
348. What was "Gustav" --> A Hurricane , that struck US Gulf Coast in September 2008
349. Which summit was held in Hua Hin Thailand recently (March 2009) --> ASEAN
350. Recently the word " protectionism" was in newspapers. What is the precise definition of protectionism --> Raising Barriers in Trade between two countries


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