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51. An extreme form of rainfall, sometimes mixed with hail and thunder, which normally lasts no longer than a few minutes but is capable of creating minor flood conditions. Name it --> Cloudburst
52. "Owen Falls" is world's greatest man made lake. Where is it located --> Uganda
53. Lloyd Barrage is a 6166 mile long network of canals, feeding the largest irrigation system in the world, with more than 5 million acres of irrigated land. In which country it is located --> Pakistan
54. What are "Bantus" --> Negroes of central & South Africa
55. which one is the largest desert of Asia --> Gobi
56. What kind of a desert is Gobi --> rain shadow desert
57. Which type of forests are mostly found in Tropic Climatic areas --> Evergreen
58. On western slopes of the Western Ghats in States e.g.Kerala and Karnataka and jaintia and khasi hills which types of forest are
found --> evergreen
59. Marble is an example of which kind of rock --> Metamorphic
60. What is foliation in metamorphic rocks --> the layering within metamorphic rocks
61. The changes that take place when magma is injected into the surrounding solid rock , what kind of metamorphism is this called --> Contact Metamorphism
62. Changes in great masses of rock over a wide area where rocks can be metamorphosed by being at great depths below the Earth's
surface, subjected to high temperatures and the great pressure caused by the immense weight of the rock layers above. Name it --> Regional metamorphism
63. Rock formed by deposition and consolidation of mineral and organic material and from precipitation of minerals from solution is
called --> sedimentary rock
64. What are the three kinds of sedimentary rocks --> clastic, organic , chemical
65. The rocks composed of discrete fragments or clasts of materials derived from other minerals, composed largely of quartz with other
common minerals including feldspar, amphiboles, clay minerals are known as --> Clastic
66. A weathering in which the breakdown of rock into particles without producing changes in the chemical composition of the minerals
in the rock is called as --> Mechanical weathering e.g.. Ice
67. What is the main quality of quartz as a mineral --> one of the most mechanically and chemically resistant minerals
68. Other than Moon and Sun , which other celestial body appears brightest in the sky --> Venus
69. Which rock is formed by magma (molten rock) being cooled and becoming solid --> Igneous
70. Which igneous rocks are formed from magma that cools and solidifies within the earth surrounded by pre-existing rock (called
country rock), the magma cools slowly, and as a result these rocks are coarse grained --> Intrusive Igneous Rock
71. Which rocks are formed at the Earth's surface as a result of the partial melting of rocks within the mantle and crust --> Extrusive igneous rocks
72. What is the rock type and origin of granite --> igneous rock and is formed from magma
73. The Red Pyramid of Egypt named for the light crimson hue which is the third largest of Egyptian pyramids has mainly use of --> granite surface
74. Which type of the rocks most prized by climbers, for its steepness, soundness, crack systems, and friction --> Granite Rocks
75. mid-ocean ridge is an example of which kind of valley --> Rift Valley
76. The temperatures soar high in the day, while dipping greatly at night. As the rock heats up and expands by day, and cools and
contracts by night, stress is often exerted on the outer layers. What kind of expansion is this --> Thermal Expansion
77. A type of physical weathering caused by the growth of salt crystals is called as --> Haloclasty
78. An inorganic chemical reaction where water is added to the crystal structure of a mineral, usually creating a new mineral, is called as --> mineral hydration and new mineral is called hydrate
79. What is the name of the mechanism by which Portland cement develops strength --> Hydration
80. Where in India an active volcano has been found --> Barren Island
81. Zoji la Pass is in which state --> J & K
82. In which state is Bara Lacha Pass --> Himachal Pradesh
83. Jeep La pass is in which state --> Sikkim
84. ………..degree East is the longitude which determines Indian standard Time --> 82.5
85. from which lakes Table Salt is Obtained --> Sambhar
86. Which city can never get vertical rays of Sun --> Sri Nagar
87. Hirakud Hydel Power station is on which River --> Mahanadi
88. Kota Hydel Power station is on which River --> Chambal
89. Which state produces maximum black pepper --> Kerala
90. Where is located Forest Survey of India --> Dehradun
91. Kampala is the capital of which country --> Uganda
92. KLM airways belongs to which country --> Netherlands
93. " Kohoutek" is a --> Comet
94. Which country is called the "land of the morning calm" --> Korea
95. The lines on a map connecting regions of equal geochemical characteristics are called --> Isocons
96. Littoral forests are rich sources of --> Firewood
97. "Loti" is a --> currency (The loti (pl. maloti) is the currency of the Kingdom of Lesotho )
98. What are the main criteria of dividing major natural regions of the world --> temperature, rain fall and vegetation
99. Mediterranean Sea is connected to Atlantic with --> Strait of Gibraltar
100.Palk strait divides India and Sri Lanka. Which state of India gets connected with sri Lanka with Palk Strait -->Tamil Nadu


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