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1. Earlier name of windows vista --> Longhorn
2. Formula-1 hotels are from which company --> Accor
3. Kiwi shoepolish & Brylcream is associated with which company --> TTK Healthcare
4. Low calorie drink produced by coke --> Tab
5. To which stable does nature fresh ata belong --> Carlgill Foods
6. What is called as G-Whiz in London --> Reva
7. Voyager is brand from which automobile company --> Mahindra
8. Which iconic pen brand is advertised as 'the signature pen' --> Sheaffer
9. The premier brnds like Vesace & Valentino will be launched in India under which watchmakers brand name --> Timex
10. Old name of Lenovo --> Legend
11. "The next big thing to being naked" is which brand --> Jockey
12. "Just Do It" is a famous line from which brand --> Nike
13. Which brand carries the tagline 'Travel made easy' -->Samsonite
14. Who is chairman & CEO of Worldtel --> Sam Pitroda
15. Which company owns Atom brand of Air Conditioners --> Hitachi
16. Which global giant acquires Daksha a BPO firm --> IBM
17. Who is CEO of Oracle --> Larry Ellison
18. Pierre M. Omidyar started which online entity --> Ebay
19. Which brand of apparel would you find at Barista --> Lacoste
20. Alot can happen over coffe says who --> Coffee Day
21. Money plant is the ATM network of which bank --> Karnataka Bank
22. Who has traing symbol KP on NYSE --> Coca Cola
23. Tony the tiger is the mascot for which brand --> Kelloggs
24. Which company, founded in 1962 has a mission to lower the world's cost of living --> Walmart
25. Which was the first watch brand to go to the moon --> Omega
26. Which car is advertised as Beauty meets Power --> Audi
27. In a pencil what does HB stands for --> Hard Black
28. Which brand was created by Adi Dassler --> Adidas
29. Which online major was created by Jeff Bezos --> amazon.com
30. Who promotes thwmselves as like.no.other --> Sony
31. How do we know International Business Machine better --> IBM
32. "Intelligence everywhere" is the punchline of --> Motorola
33. Connect Apex, Tractor, Utsav & Touchwood to a company --> Asian Paints
34. Which farma giant makes AViagra --> Pfizer
35. Who is creator of dilbert --> Scott Adams
36. Ronald is the mascot for which fast food chain --> McDonald
37. The famous double decker buses on the streets of London were called what --> Route Master
38. Who owns the Angels baseball & Mighty Ducks hockey teams --> Walt Disney
39. What did Peter Kramer & Lou Ottens invent at Philips --> Compact Disc
40. Which company currently owns Body Shop --> Loreal
41. Which best-selling book is Confessions of an Advertising Man --> David Ogilvy
42. RK Laxman common man represents which budget airline --> Air Deccan
43. What does SUN stands for in SUN Microsystems --> Stanford University
44. If yo are a Mxtasy world member, you are a member of what --> Planet m
45. Tiger Airways is a subsidiary of which Airline Compay --> Singapore Airlines
46. Bespoke is a custom made shirt from which famous brand --> Arrow
47. Anne M. Mulcahy is the chairman & CEO of which famous US corporation --> Xerox
48. Which brand gets its name from Ishibashi which literally means "stonebridge" in Japanese --> Bridgestone
49. Which brand gets its name from the words excellent & oxide --> Exide
50. Which business house owns the music company Saregama --> RPG GROUP


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