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51. The Ratna and Miniratna companies now may invest in mutual funds upto what extent of their cash balances --> 30%
52. Where will be the head office of SAARC University --> New Delhi
53. Pradhanmantri Bharat Jodo Pariyojna is related to which infrastructure development --> Highways
54. Project Sankalp is related to which disease --> AIDS
55. Sharavati Project is in which state --> Karnataka
56. Balimela Project is in which state --> Orissa
57. HCL tech. recently decided to open its new office in which country --> Israel at Yokneam
58. BHEL has recently announced to open a new plant at which city in China --> Shanghai
59. Recently Dell has decided to shift its European manufacturing base from Ireland to which country --> Poland
60. Tata steel(corus) decided to appoint a new CEO KIRBY Adams as a successor to whom --> PHILIPPE VARIN
61. Nissan(Japan) will launch the small car in India by 2010 from its upcoming plant at Chennai co developed with which company --> Renault(France)
62. Law reform commission of which state headed by former SC judge VR Krishna Iyre recommended legalizing Euthanasia and decriminalizing suicide --> Kerala
63. Amartya Sen, Sam Pitroda, Jagdish Bhagwati were the members of Man Mohan Singh's which council recently --> Global Advisory Council
64. Which countries signed Abuja Declaration? give salient points of this --> It is the declaration of strategic partnership between India and Nigeria.
Salient points are:
(1) Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement
(2) Expedition Treaty
(3) Oil trade
(4) support for UNSC seat for India
65. Which two countries recently entered an agreement on resuming natural gas supplies to Europe --> Russia and Ukraine
66. Recently In a miraculous escape Airbus A320 steered into which river in USA --> Hudson
67. If Obama is 44th President then Joe Bidden is …the vice president --> 47th
68. 11Day National Cooperative Fair was hosted by which city in India --> Jaipur
69. Recently PM Manmohan singh inaugurated 96th session of Indian Science congress in which city --> Guwahati
70. Kate Winslet was nominated and later won Oscar in Best actress category for which film --> The Reader
71. Who is Gujarat offspiner who is recently barred from playing Duleep trophy --> Mohnish Parmar
71. Bobby Zindal who was in news recently is a governor of which state --> Louisiana
72. " Creating a future Islamic Civilization" who has written this book --> Rashid Shah
73. Recently which bill was being given assent by President of India which restrains the police from arresting a person for criminal offence for which the maximum sentence is up to 7 years. Name of the bill --> Criminal Prosecution Code Bill
74. Which state was recently brought under president rule and state assembly kept under suspended animation --> Jharkhand
75. Which Indian state was recently ranked first for investment by World Bank --> Karnataka
76. Indian Air force recently ordered two squadron missile of medium range to BEL(bharat electronics limited). What is the name of the missile --> Akash(surface to air missile)
77. Recently conference of Chief Ministers on internal security was recently held at which place --> New Delhi
78. Aiming to protect country's share in overseas market, government removed export duty on which commodity --> Premium Basmati Rice
79. Which country recently launched telecom satellite for the first time --> Iran
80. Recently PM Manmohan Singh inaugurated Ezhimala Naval Academy at which place --> Kannur, Kerala
81. Recently Union Cabinet announced Rs.12513 crore project to improve road connectivity in which border state --> Arunachal Pradesh
82. Committee for banning ragging in educational institutes has been formed . Who is the chairman of this committee --> R.K. Raghvan
83. Recently who has has taken over the charge of ICAI from 7th feb 2009 --> Uttam Aggarwal
84. Who is Indian Army Chief --> Deepak Kapoor
85. Who is CEO Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd --> S K Jain
86. Who is the CEO of " Areva" --> Anne Lauvergeon
87. India will help set up an Information Technology Lab at Indonesia's Military Academy and participate in a defence exercise, for United Nations peace support operations? What is the name of the exercise --> Garuda Shield
88. Recently Obama approaced CNN's chief medical correspondent to be country's next surgeon general. Who is he --> Sanjay Gupta
89. What % of surplus funds which has been allowed by the govt to the navratnas and mini narvratnas to invest in equity --> 30%
90. Recently , Which state has decided to give Rs.200 to each AIDS patient undergoing Anti-retrovial therapy in state --> Andhrapradesh
91. Recently Real Admiral Ahmed Mohammed Al Sahab al - Tenaiji , visited India. He is heading which Country's navy --> Commander of UAE naval force
92. Recently who received the Kishore Kumar Kala Ratna Award instituted by Kishore Kumar Memorial Club --> Geeta Chandran
93. As per 2001 census state having highest urban population is --> Maharastra
94. What was the name of the operation which was launched by israel on Dec 27th 2008 saying it wanted to stop Hamas Rocket attack on
South Israel --> Operation Cast Lead
95. Who will be the next leader of Ghana --> John Atta - Mills
96. India and Pakistan on Jan 1 2009 exchanged their list of nuclear installations through their diplomatic mission . This was under which agreement --> under the 1988 agreement on prohibition of attacks against nuclear installation and facility
97. With which country India signed an agreement on 3 jan 2009 to improve the recruitment process of workers --> Malaysia
98. Governor Rod Blagojevich who was impeached on Jan 30 was of which state --> Illinois
99. On jan 12 world bank banned 2 indian companies from doing business under CPP. Which are these two companies --> Wipro & Megasoft
100.NTPC on jan 11 signed an agreement with which govt. for execution of 460 MW kolodyne stage 2 hydro electric project on kolodyne river --> Mizoram


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