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1. The first Indian Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru presented the first five-year plan to the Parliament of India on December 8, 1951.

2. Highest Priority was given to Agriculture, Irrigation & Power Projects.
3. The total plan budget of Rs. 2069 Crore was allocated to seven broad areas: irrigation and energy (27.2 percent), agriculture and community development (17.4 percent), transport and communications (24 percent), industry (8.4 percent), social services (16.64 percent), land rehabilitation (4.1 percent), and other (2.5 percent).
4. The plan promoting the idea of a self reliant closed economy was developed by Prof. P. C. Mahalanobis of Indian Statistical Institute and borrowed the ideas from USSR's five year plans developed by Domer. Thus The plan is often referred to as the Domer-Mahalanobis Model.
5. The target growth rate was 2.1 percent annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth; the achieved growth rate was 3.6 percent. Rate of Investment was targeted 7% of national Income.
6. During the first five-year plan the National Income grew by 18 % and per capita income by 11%.
7. The monsoons were good and there were relatively high crop yields, boosting exchange reserves and per capita income. Food production went up by 20%.
8. Lower increase of per capita income as compared to national income was due to rapid population growth.
9. Many irrigation projects were initiated during this period, including the Bhakra Dam and Hirakund Dam. The World Health Organization, with the Indian government, addressed children's health and reduced infant mortality, contributing to population growth.
10. At the end of the plan period in 1956, five Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) were started as major technical institutions.
11. University Grant Commission was set up to take care of funding and take measures to strengthen the higher education in the country.
12. Contracts were signed to start five steel plants; however these plants did not come into existence until the middle of the next five-year plan.


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