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1. What is LIBOR --> London Interbank Offered Rate
2. In January 2009 India signed a deal with which country (worth $ 2.1 Billion) for spy planes --> UK
3. Israel recently attacked --> Gaza Strip
4. In the latest ranking by FIDE, What is the rank of Vishvanathan Anand --> 2nd
5. Under the essential Services Maintenance Act , what is the number of commodities declared as essential commodities --> 15
6. " Mercy Killing" has been commended by the Law Reforms Panel of which state --> Kerala
7. India is currently developing BMD which is a two tier defense system to shoot down the enemy missiles. What is BMD here --> Ballistic Missile Defense
8. In January 2009 , which US states governor was impeached --> Illinois Governor Rod R. Blagojevich
9. The Indian music Maestro who won prestigious Golden Globe award recently --> A R Rahman
10. Who is the Director General of World trade Organization --> Pascal Lamy
11. The new share price Index (in dollar value) of Mumbai Share market is named as --> Dolex
12. The oil Refinery established at panipat belongs to which company --> Indian Oil
13. Planning Commission has approved an annual plan outlay of Rs 17,322 crore, the highest-ever allocation granted to the state by the
commission for which state recently --> Rajasthan
14. In how many districts NREGS was launched initially --> 200
15. " Actuaries" is related to which market sector --> Insurance
16. Market in Gilt -edged is related to trade in which securities --> Government securities
17. Indian Economy has witnessed highest growth rate in GDP in which year --> 2006-2007
18. Which bank has recently launched an scheme for Rickshaw Pullers --> Punjab National Bank
19. "Focus Product" and "Focus Market" are schemes related to which field --> Export Promotion
20. Who was the India's chief guest at the 60th Republic day --> Kazakhstan's president Nursultan Nazarbayev
21. Who mooted the idea of "Pravasi Bhartiya Diwas" --> Former Prime Minister AB Vajpayee
22. Who was sworn in as 47th Vice President of USA --> Joe Biden
23. For how long India has put a ban on import of Chinese toys --> 6 months
24. Who has been given the Economic Times Business leader of the year Award --> AM Naik, Chairman L&T
25. Which organization has been given Jawaharlal Nehru Prize for 2008 --> Hindu Media Research Center
26. Which state govt. has been given National Award for e-governance 2008-09 --> Himachal Pradesh
27. Who emerged as Champion in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2009 held recently in Mumbai --> Kenneth Mungara
28. Recently "Elephant Pass" was in news. What is it --> Crucial Base of LTTE at the gateway of Jaffna taken over by SriLankan Army
29. Where is National Hockey Championship is proposed to held in March 2009 --> Pune
30. Who has been announced FIFA Woman footballer of the Year 2008 --> Marta from Brazil
31. Which state is hosting National Games 2009 --> Jharkhand
32. Who has been chosen International Media's 2008 Athlete of year --> Usain Bolt
33. The famous swimmer who faced controversy over his photograph published in newspapers smoking marizuana --> Michael Phelps
34. Recently "John Atta-Mills" was in news. Who is he --> Newly elected president of Ghana
35. Who is the FIFA world footballer of the year 2008 (Male) --> Christianao Ronaldo
36. What is the latest Repo rate --> 5%(w.e.f. March 2009)
37. What is the reverse repo rate --> 4% (w.e.f. January 2, 2009)
38. Which Asian country has the largest Foreign exchange reserve --> China
39. Who ( Indian Businessman) has been placed by Forbes as biggest wealth loser of 2008 --> Anil Ambani
40. Which power company has begged Tilaiya Ultra Mega Power Project in Jharkhand --> Reliance Power
41. What is the new name of Aid India Consortium --> India Development Fund
42. Indian artist who has won Grammy Award recently --> Zakir Hussain
43. " Prince of Wales" Museum has been renamed. What is the new name --> Chhatrapati Shivaji Museum
44. What is W2M --> First satellite by ISRO for a foreign customer
45. Theoneste Bagosora was recently is news because… --> accused by UN backed tribunal for Rwanda's 1994 genocide
46. Who has received 2009 Kluge Prize --> Romila Thapar
47. Indian state which has decided to celebrate Forest & Environment Everyday --> Uttarakhand
48. Robert B. Zoellick is associated with which International Organization --> World Bank
49. Dominique Strauss-Kahn is related to which International Organization --> IMF
50. The Hindi movie which has crossed 200 crore at the worldwide box-office --> Ghajini


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