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51. Who constructed "GyanVapi " Mosque in Varansi --> Aurangzeb
52. What is Bani Thani --> A painting in kishangarh style of Rajasthan
53. Which are the two station in between " Maitri Express" is introduced --> Kolkata & Dhaka
54. In which state " Baxa Tiger Project" is Located --> West Bengal
55. Which tree is called " Flame of the Forest" in Rajasthan --> Palas
56. Among the 18 mahajanpads, which one was situated on the bank of river Godavari --> Assaka
57. What indicates the rise in the price of a basket of commodities on a point to point basis --> Inflation
58. In which kind of climate , corals are found generally --> Above 18 degree C in temperate climate
59. Which animal is symbol of world wild life fund --> Red Panda
60. The electoral college for the united states Presidential election is constituted by --> Members of United States Congress
61. What are the 3 Capitals of South Africa --> Pretoria, Cape Town & Bloemfontein. (Administrative, Lesgislative & Judicial respectively)
62. According to Hindu myth who was the first mortal to die --> Yama
63. Which drink is nicknamed "scandal broth" --> Tea
64. On which god is the largest monolithic statue in India carved --> Gomateshwara
65. largest mammal on the earth --> Whale
66. Second largest mammal on the earth --> Elephant
67. The lines of equal sunshinae are called --> ISOHEL
68. Where is amundsen sea --> The Amundsen Sea is an arm of the Southern Ocean off Marie Byrd Land in western Antarctica
69. Named after its inventor, by what name is the Giant Wheel or Observation wheel known --> The Ferris wheel is named after George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr
70. Mother tongue of Aishwarya Rai --> Tulu
71. Which Bird is the symbol of peace --> Dove
71. What do we know Barbara Millicent Roberts better as --> Barbie
72. "Origin of Species” was published by Charles Darwin in which year --> 1859
73. Who was the first rock star to be arrested on stage --> Jim Morrison
74. To keep their exposed feet warm during winter Shahtoosh, from which shawls are made, comes from which animal --> Tibetan Antelope
75. Why is the fish "Bombay Duck" called by this name --> Corruption of its local name, Bombilli
76. What are polled cattle --> Without horns
77. The world knows this animal from the corruption of Telugu for Pig-rat. Which one --> Bandicoot
78. Which animal did Noah release first from the Ark --> Dove
79. What is the name of the railcar used in the small-gauge railway to Shimla --> Safed Murgi
80. In a pack of cards, which one is a copyright --> Ace of Spade
81. Epiphytic and parasitic plants grow on which of the following --> Plants
82. The fermented molasses left over from the sugar-refining process is used in the manufacture of which spirit --> Rum
83. She was the first winner of the Asian Women’s amateur Table Tennis title but is better known for her professional life --> Kiran Bedi
84. Which Indian Astronaut was killed in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003 --> Kalpana Chawla
85. What was Bhishma’s original name in the epic Mahabharata --> Devavrata
86. Julian, Dick, Anne and George and their dog Timmy are collectively called --> famous five
87. What is the lowest of the four Varna --> Surdas
88. A species of Hippopotamus shares its name with which Africa tribe --> Pygmy
89. Where did Ravana undertake a penance to bring Shiva to Lanka --> Gokarna
90. Name the only British Governor-General to be impeached --> Warren-Hastings
91. Spielberg’s production company is named after his very first short film. Name it --> Amblin
92. ‘More stars than there are in heaven’ was the publicity line of which studio --> MGM
93. Name the first US city to host the Olympic Games --> St Loius
94. Which word has been referred to as ‘The Great Australian Adjective’ --> Bloody
95. In ancient Rome, what was awarded to a gladiator, signifying that he would never have to fight again --> A cracked shield
96. This fictional character’s only wife was named Tracy Daco and he’s a graduate of Oriental languages from Cambridge. Name him --> James Bond
97. In the Enid Blyton ‘Noddy’ series, name the character that was responsible for actually creating Noddy --> Mr Carver
98. The name of which character from the Ramayana literally means ‘furrow’ --> Sita
99. ‘Secrets of a Sparrow’ is the autobiography of which famous singer --> Diana Ross
100. In Bollywood, how do we better know Mumtaz Jahanara Begum --> Madhubala


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