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1. Who has written the book " Communist Manifesto" --> Karl Marx
2. First FIFA Women's World Cup tournament, named the Women's World Championship, was held in which year --> 1991
3. " Residex" is a index which is related to --> land Prices
4. "Read My Lips : No New Taxes" who gave this famous slogan --> Senior George W. Bush
5. Where is Global Vipassana Pagoda --> Mumbai
6. On what date World Forestry Day is celebrated --> 21 March
7. What is "moody" --> Global Credit rating Agency
8. " Vinegar " we use in food has the scientic name --> Acetic Acid
9. Prithviraj Chauhan ruled in which century --> 12th
10. Several coins depict and ancient king playing on the Veena. Who was that king --> Samudragupta
11. Which style of Indian Classical Music Singing was developed by Tansen --> Dhrupad
12. Sant Tukaram was a devotee of which lord --> Vittala
13. Surdas was a disciple of whom --> Vallabhacharya
14. Surdas lived during the reign of which Moghul Emperor --> Akbar
15. What is "Mistral" --> Famous high speed train of France
16. Where is the origin of Chambal River --> Manpura, south of Mhow town, near Indore
17. Bridgetown is a capital of which country --> Barbados
18. The two countries which fought Crimean War --> Russia & Turkey
19. RanaPratap Sagar dam is on which river --> Chambal
20. The mewar king defeated by Babur --> Rana Sanga or Sangram Singh
21. "Kailash Temple" is located in which ancient caves --> Ellora
22. The famous Woman Muslim ruler belonged to the kingdom of Ahmednagar --> Chand Bibi
23. What is NIA --> National Investigation Agency
24. Where are the headquarters of WHO --> Geneva
25. What is reverse repo rate --> The rate at which Banks lend to RBI
26. What is FIEO --> Federation of Indian Export Organizations
27. Who invented Mobile --> Nathan B. Stubblefield
28. Who invented "Electricity" --> Benjamin Franklin
29. What was the name of mother of Mahatma Gandhi --> Putlibai
30. Who is the first Indian Leader to render a speech in Hindi at United Nations --> Atal Bihari Vajpayee
31. Which river originates at Amarkantak --> Narmada
32. Indira Gandhi Canal is benefiting which state most --> Rajasthan
33. What is the Ph of blood --> 7.4
34. The palace of Amritsar was given by Mughal Emperor Akabr to whom --> Guru Ramdas
35. COFEPOSA deals with what --> Economic offences
36. The earth rotates on its axis from --> West to east
37. The United Kingom consists of which countries --> England, Northern Ireland, Scotland & Wales
38. Who publishes employment news --> Ministry of Information and broadcasting
39. Who was the first Tirthankar of Jainism --> Rishabdev
40. What is the symbol of "Parshvnath" in Jainism --> Snake
41. How many crimes have been decided in Jainism --> 18
42. The principal military officer of "Brihadrath" assassinated him and captured the throne to start Shung Dynasty. Who was this officer --> Pushyamitra Shung
43. Where was the capital of Pandyas --> Madurai
44. On which state Mohd. Ghori attacked first in India in 1175 --> Multan
45. Hasan Nizami " and Fakh-e-Mudabbir were the court poets of which slave ruler --> Kutubuddin Aibak
46. Who was the first sovereign ruler of Sultanet of Delhi --> Iltutmish
47. Who was the ruler who abolished " Milk , Inam & Waqf" --> Iltutmish
48. How much land tax was collected by Alauddin Khilji from the produce --> 50%
49. " I issue orders to people as I consider them beneficial for state and people, I don't know they are permitted in Shariat or not"? Who said
this --> Alauddin Khilji ( As per Ziauddin Barni)
50. Whom did Alauddin Khilji Sent to invade Southern India --> Malik Kafur


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