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1. Where is National Golf Academy --> Chandigarh
2. Where and when the 19th FIFA cup is scheduled to held --> June-July 2010, South Africa
3. "Volvo Masters of India" is related to which game --> Golf
4. " Shotgun World Cup " is related to which game --> Shooting
5. " Asian Beach Games" are related to which sports --> Athletics
6. Who won the " Maharastra Kesari" title in January 2009 --> Chandradhar Patil
7. " Jimmy George Foundation Award " is given in the field of which sports --> Athletics
8. " RBS Cup " is related to which sports --> Cricket
9. " Bama Belleck Cup" is related to which sports --> Table Tennis
10. " Wellington Trophy" is related to which sports --> Rowing
11. " Augusta Masters" is related to which sports --> Golf
12. What is the national game of USA --> Baseball
13. "Rugby Football " is a national game of which country --> Scotland and England ( England has Cricket too)
14. What is " Epsom" --> Derby Horse Race stadium, England
15. " Lal Bahadur Shastri Stadium" in Hyderabad is mainly for which sports --> Hockey
16. " Punter, Dead Hit, Protest, Place" are the terms used in which game --> Horse Racing
17. " Bogie, Caddie, Put, Stymie" are used in which game --> Golf
18. How many players are in " Kabaddi" on each side --> 7
19. How many players are on one side in Baseball --> 9
20. What is the normal length of " Pitch" In cricket --> 20.12 meters
21. What is the route length in Derby Course --> 2400 meters
22. " Ju Jitsu " is a national sports of which country --> Japan
23. What is the national game of Malaysia --> Badminton
24. " British Open" is related to which sports --> Badminton
25. " Merdeka Cup" is related to which sports --> Football
26. "O Sullivan" was world champion in which sports --> Snooker
27. PGA Mercedes-Benz Championship is related to which sports --> Golf
28. "Saurav Ghosal" is related to which sports --> Squash, He is national Squash Champion of India
29. The famous swimmer who faced controversy over his photograph published in newspapers smoking marizuana --> Michael Phelps
30. Which Indian cricketer made the first Test Century --> Lala AmARNATH
31. Who faced the first ball in the first ever One day match --> Geoffrey Boycott
32. Which cricketer played for South Africa before it was banned from international cricket and later represented Zimbabwe --> John Traicos
33. Which is the only sport which is not allowed to play left handed --> Polo
34. " Surya Shekhar Ganguly " is related to which game --> Chess
35. What does the olympic flame symbolize --> Continuity between new and ancient games
36. Usain Bolt edged whom to be voted as 2008 athlete of the year by international media --> Michel Phelps
37. Who was described as the ‘Byron of Indian Cricket’ --> Lala Amarnath
38. Which is the only country to have appeared in all the FIFA World Cup finals till date --> Brazil
39. Which fast game did James Naismith invent in America --> Basketball
40. When you hit a home run in baseball what distance do you run to traverse all the bases --> 360 feet
41. Which Indian cricketer was captain in one test and dropped to 12th man in the next --> Venkatraghavan
42. Which unarmed combat's name means “ Empty Hand” --> Karate
43. Which cricketer owns a restaurant called Curry Leaves --> Aravinda De Silva
44. What is the name of the system which visually tracks the path of the ball and display a record of its actual path as graphic image in cricket --> Hawk eye
45. Which is the only F1 team owned by an Indian --> Force India
46. In which sport have Saurav Ghoshal and Joshna Chinnappa represented India --> Squash
47. How do we better know the game of nine-pins --> Skittles
48. ‘In Quest of the Ashes’ is the autobiography of which famous cricketer --> Jardine
49. Participants of which sport are called ‘male geishas’ in Japan, because of the large amount of time they take to get ready --> Sumo wrestling
50. Which mode of dismissal in cricket was introduced last --> Being timed out


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