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1. Formation of All India Muslim league(AIML) --> 1906 in Dhaka
2. First defence minister of India -->Sardar Baldev Singh
3. Babri Masjid demolition took place on --> 6 Dec,1992
4. Prime Minster of India at the time of Babri Masjid demolition --> P.V.Narsimha Rao
5. Which Commission was set up for probing Babri Masjid demolition case -->Liberhan Commission headed by Justice (retd) M S Liberhan
6. Chief Minster of U.P. at the time of Babri Masjid demolition --> Kalyan Singh(BJP)
7. Where is the Indian Institute of Dalit Studies --> New Delhi
8. Who heads the National Land Reforms council --> Prime Minister
9. whats the name of the organization setup by the Andhra pradesh govt to fight terrorism in the state --> Octopus
10. Where is the Indian National Center for Ocean Information Services --> Hyderabad
11. Bhabha Atomic Research Center(BARC) was established in the year --> 1955
12. Where was Indian Muslim League founder --> Dhaka
13. Bharatnatyam is the dance of which state in India --> Tamil Nadu
14. The national Tsunami Early warning system was inagurated in --> Hyderabad
15. where is the national environmental engineering and research institute(NEERI) --> Nagpur
16. Sardar Swaran Singh National Institute of Renewable energy is located in --> Kapurthala - Punjab
17. Who was the President of India during the emergency --> Fakruddin Ali Ahmed (1974-77)
18. Founder of Indian Independence League --> Rasbihari Bose
19. Chilka lake is in which state --> Orissa
20. Who elects the President of India --> Parliament and State Assemblies
21. The Fundamental Duties were incorporated in the Constitution of India by the --> Forty-second Amendment
22. The time taken by the Sun to revolve around the center of our galaxy is --> 250 mn years
23. The Vice-President is elected by an electoral college consisting of --> all members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
24. In which one of the following states of India is it legal for a Hindu male and illegal for a Muslim male to have more than one living wife --> Goa
25. Where was Gautam Buddha dead --> Kushinagar
26. What was the main difference between the Indus Valley Civilization and Vedic Civilization -->Indus Valley Civilization was urban, while the Vedic Civilization was rural
27. Which is oldest Indian Language --> Tamil
28. Which state is the largest producer of pulses in India --> Madhya Pradesh(MP)
29. Who founded VisvBharti University --> Rabindra Nath tagore
30. What was the first Multipurpose project of Independent India --> Damodar Valley Project
31. What are the intermediate range ballistic missiles of India --> Agni I, Agni II and Agni III
32. What is the Indian Navy’s only Sail Training Ship? what is the name of the voyage that it has just completed --> INS Tarangini is the ship and the name of the voyage is Lokayan-07
33. Which city of Rajasthan is called " Suncity" --> Jodhpur
34. What are the hot spots of Biodiversity in India --> Eastern Himalayas and western ghats
35. Kandhmal is in which state --> Orissa
36. What does Seven Sisters refer to in India --> 7 north eastern states
37. Who was the designer of the Indian national flag --> Pingali Venkayya
38. Which bank was established in 1806 as Bank of Calcutta --> State Bank of India
39. Who is the youngest ever Member of Parliament of India --> Agatha Sangma
40. Which State is often called as ‘God’s own country’ --> Kerala
41. On which street in Mumbai is the Bombay Stock Exchange located --> Dalal Street
42. Which was India’s first talkie film --> Alam Ara
43. Where is the famous tomb Gol Gumbaz located --> Bijapur
44. The design of which Indian car is based on that of the Morris Oxford --> Ambassador
45. Which is the second most spoken language in India --> Tamil
46. Which is the highest civilian award of India --> Bharat Ratna
47. What was the Rashtrapathi Bhavan initially called --> Viceroy House
48. Who was the first President of India to have died in office --> Zakir Hussain
49. Who is known as Iron man of India --> Sardar Vallabhai Patel
50. Which is the highest gateway of India --> Buland Darwaza


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