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51. Style Spa is a chain of furniture stores owned by which group --> K K Birla
52. iPOD is a gizmo from which company --> Apple
53. Which city in India is named after JN Tata --> Jamshedpur
54. Obsessed with Quality, since 1895 is the baseline of which brand --> Skoda
55. Which bank calls itself the Worlds Local Bank --> HSBC
56. Where would you find a publication by the name Brew Print --> Barista
57. Which Indian brand name means priceless --> Amul
58. Which airlines inflight magazine is called Krisworld --> Singapore Airlines
59. George Eastman is credited as the founder of which company --> Kodak
60. Which company made the ball for the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2006 --> Adidas
61. Which retail giant did Sam Walton found in 1962 --> Walmart
62. Which company had an in-house agency called Adbur --> Dabur
63. Classmate Paperkraft & Saathi are all stationery brands from whom --> ITC
64. Softwar is a book on which company --> Oracle
65. Toblerone is a chocolate bar made by which company --> Kraft Foods
66. Who is the author of "The Monk who sold his Ferrari" --> Robin Sharma
67. Journalism of courage is the adline of --> The Indian Express
68. Khushi khushi jao, khushi khushi aao, is the baseline of which company --> Cox & Kings
69. "A Passion to Perform" is the adline of which bank --> Deutsche Bank
70. What is the name given to Nike logo --> Swoosh
71. Bob Miner & Ed Oates are the cofounders of which company --> Oracle
72. eServe International is part of which group --> Citi Group
73. Which Chinese company took over IBM'S PD dividion --> Lenovo
74. Which shoe company did Rudi Dassler start --> Puma
75. What does the brand name Volvo mean in Latin --> I roll
76. Which company got its name from "Integrated Electronics" --> Intel
77. Whose concept is "Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid" --> C K Prahlad
78. Which magazine was started by Bob Guccione in 1965 --> Penthouse
79. Byk is a bike from which company --> Bajaj
80. HCL tech. recently decided to open its new office in which country --> Israel at Yokneam
81. BHEL has recently announced to open a new plant at which city in China --> Shanghai
82. Recently Dell has decided to shift its European manufacturing base from Ireland to which country --> Poland
83. Nissan(Japan) will launch the small car in India by 2010 from its upcoming plant at Chennai co developed with which company --> Renault(France)
84. Walkman, which has now has become a generic name for the portable tape-recorder, is actually a brand name of the company which introduced it. Which company --> Sony
85. This product is manufactured only by one company - The Mysore Paints & Varnishes Ltd --> Voter's Indelible Ink
86. "One World One Dream" was the tagline of which major mega event in 2008 --> Beizing Olympics 2008
87. Which company makes its product using the 7X formula --> Coca Cola
88. Expand HDFC --> Housing Development Finance Corporation
89. Expand SIM --> Subscriber Identity Module
90. What resulted when Ruth Handler saw her daughter Barbara playing with paper dolls --> Barbie
91. Major Indian pharma giant formed by Khwaja Ahmed in 1935 --> Cipla
92. Which company was founded by brothers ambrogio and Egidio in 1946 --> Perfetti
93. During world war-ii,what did the british call "TATAnagars" --> The armoured vehicles built by the TATAs
94. Every year,what does kolkata municipal corporation buy 400 tonnes of at a cost of Rs.50 Lakh --> Broomstick
95. Whose designation reads managing director,Leftword Books --> CPI(M) General Secy,Prakash Karat
96. What is the ‘Sundown Rule’ that Wal-Mart strives to achieve --> dealing with customer requests by the close of business on the day they are received
97. Formica brand of laminates belong to which Indian business group --> Wadia Group
98. BONAQUA brand of packaged water belongs to whom --> Coca Cola,to be launched very soon in India
99. X the son of an Indian Army general. He is the first Parsi to be selected to the upper house of UK parliament. He came up with a solution to the General dissatisfaction with the "gassy and heavy" British beer that "just did not go well with Indian food”. In 1990 created a brand Y?Identify X & Y --> (X-Karan Billimoria,Y-Cobra Beer)
100.TATA Safari-DICOR is a great brand.DICOR stands for --> Direct Injection Common Rail


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