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151. Who won the title Miss India Worldwide 2008 --> Ms. Nikkita shah Marwah
152. Recently , two submarines one British & one French collided as per reports in which ocean --> Atlantic Ocean
153. UN Environment Programme (UNEP), A top UN agency recently warned that food prices will increase by what percentage in 10 years --> 30-35%
154. Who won the best actress Oscar award,2009 --> Kate Winslet
155. In which province of Australia , a bushfire broke out claiming above 200 lives --> Victoria
156. One of NASA's observatory landed in Pacific Ocean near Antarctica after failing to reach the orbit. What was the name of this
observatory --> Orbiting Carbon Observatory
157. Recently Iran tested its first Nuclear Power Plant. At which place in Iran --> Bushehr
158. Which mountain range of Antarctica was mapped for the first time --> Gamburtsev Mountain Range
159. Which were the earliest vertebrates to use internal fertilization as per classified by a recent Australian Study in February 2009 --> fossilized Fish
160. Recently , the Standing committee of China's NPC approved which law to enhance supervision and strengthen quality standards --> Food Safety Law
161. Recently China's first lunar probe impacted moon. What was its name --> Chang'e 1
162. A huge asteroid buzzed past earth recently in March 2009. Approximate how far was it from earth's surface --> 72000 kms
163. Where were attacked the Srilankan Cricketers in Pakistan --> Lahore
164. Recently , United Kingdom's Prime Minister Gordon Brown became the ……th Prime Minister of England to address joint session of US Congress --> 5th
165. What is the name of NASA's telescope to search for life in corner of Galaxy --> Kepler
166. Recently' which country terminated its diplomatic relationships with Iran --> Morocco
167. Which country of Europe recently announced to rejoin NATO's military command --> France
168. The government of Switzerland recently announced to cooperate with the international community in which area --> International Tax Evasion
169. Who won the Dubai Open Tennis Championship in Dubai in February 2009 --> Venus Williams
170. Who won the Nancy Masters International Chess Tournament in France --> P Harikrishna of India
171. Who clinched the Memphis Open tennis tournament men's title in Feb 2009 --> Andy Roddlick USA
172. "ASHA" is a government of India Scheme related to which area of operation --> Infrastructure development
173. Which country has allowed FDI from India for the first time in the history --> Pakistan
174. Under which system , scheme to distribute food grains , oil etc at subsidized rates comes --> Public Distribution System PDS
175. What is the area of land for which additional irrigation capacity to be created by 2009 under Bharat Nirman --> 10 million hectares
176. " Salal Project" is on which river --> Chenab
177. Who among of the following persons, analyst in Goldman Sachs, author of "Super Spike theory " has roiled the world by predicting
oil prices as high as $ 200 a barrel --> Arjun Narayan Murthy
178. Who among of the following women scientists has been appointed to head Agni II missile Project --> Tessy Thomas
179. Among Canada , United State , Japan , United Kingdom , what is the correct sequence of per capita emissions' Country (CO2 Emissions) in the descending order --> United State , Canada , Japan , United Kingdom
180. In Which countries of Europe, United States is planning to set up a missile defense base --> Czech Republic and Poland
181. What was the theme of Global Summit of Women 2008 in Hanoi --> Women and Asia – Driving the global Economy
182. Who among of the Indian beaurocrats has been awarded United Nations Public Service award recently --> R S Pandey
183. Recently which scientist transformed ordinary pancreatic cell into insulin producing cells in living mice,using gene therapy techniques --> Dr. Douglas Melton
184. World Bank's new poverty line is ……$ per day --> 1.25
185. The country's first poly silicon solar project , which also happens to be the largest integrated solar Power complex of the world will be started at --> Haldia
186. IPS officer from Andhra Pradesh and an expert in handling the anti-naxal operations, is likely to take charge of the COBRA --> K Durga Prasad
187. According to latest astronomical observation, what is the percent of Ordinary matter, dark matter and dark energy in the Universe --> 4.6% Atoms, 23% Cold Dark Matter, 72% Dark Energy
188. Who is the founder of 'Facebook' is declared youngest billionaire on earth by Forbes Magazine in 2008 --> Mark Zuckerberg
189. Who among of the following scientists is the inventor of first integrated circuit, the basic building block of everything from 3G cell phones to supercomputers --> Jack Kilby
190. Which Indian state has been chosen for E- Bharat Programme Funded by World Bank --> Tamil Nadu
191. What is the rank of nuclear power in India among the sources of electricity --> fourth
192. Which among of the following countries have developed the latest war weapon ' BigDog' billed as " The Most advanced quadruped
robot on Earth" --> USA
193. Shenzhou 7 , the third Chinese human spaceflight were launched on September 25, 2008 at the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in
which province of China --> Gansu province
194. France meets what share of its energy needs through nuclear energy --> 78%
195. At present India have 22 atomic power reactors. How many atomic power reactors were designated for civilian programme --> 14
196. Which company singed an agreement on a "Passport Seva Project" for quicker passport recently --> TCS
197. Who is given Janapith award 2008 for his literary work in the Kashmiri Language --> Rahman Rahi
198. Who was the Director of Shourya Missile's Programme, which was recently tested successfully at Chandipur-on-sea, Balasore, Orissa --> A. K. Chakrabarti
199. A convergence programme to be operated jointly by the Rajasthan Government and the United Nations agencies for achievement of the U.N. Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) has been launched in how many districts of the state --> FIVE
200. Which country has recently emerged as India's largest defense supplier --> Israel


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