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201. Recently , Maharastra government challenged the constitutional validity of certain provisions which of the acts --> States Reorganization Act 1956, & Bombay Reorganization act 1960
202. What was India's rank in UNESCO's latest list of countries having the maximum number of dialects on verge of extinction --> First (UNESCO listed 196 languages on verge of extinction
203. The central board of Trustees of Employees Provident Fund has recommended what rate of interest for 2008-09 --> 8.5%
204. Recently BSNL launched which plan which has a less than Re. 1 tariff between two destination of the country --> Indian Golden 50 Plan
205. Recently , Union Cabinet's committee on Economic Affairs gave its approval to which company to subscribe to and acquire 27% equity in Tata Teleservices --> NTT Docomo Inc.
206. In which plan BSNL announced Rs. 1 a minute for a video call while launching 3G mobile services in 11 cities --> Rs. 2500 plan
207. In March 2009 , director of FBI met Home Minister P Chidambaram in New Delhi and discuss security and terrorism related issues. What is his name --> Mr. Robert Mueller
208. First time in the History , Coal India Ltd won two coal blocks for exploration in which country --> Mozambique
209. Where was the 14th World Conference on Tobacco or Health was held recently (March 8, 2009) --> Mumbai
210. Which committee has recently submitted its report on " Renovation and Rejuvenation of Universities" --> Yashpal Committee
211. Recently archaeologists unearthed a stone anchor with a design similar to Chinese and Japanese Ships of 12th century AD, giving indication of India's Trade Relation with Asian Countries. Where --> Gulf of Khambat
212. How many medals , the Indian Archers won in Asian Grand prix Championship in Bangkok Thailand in February 2009 --> Five including one Gold
213. According to a recent UN report , Indian Economy is expected to grow by what rate in percentage in 2009 --> 6%
214. Who won the Men's Singles Title in Indian Open Badminton Championship 2009 --> Taufique Hidayat of Indonesia
215. Where was Indian Open Badminton Championship 2009 held --> Hyderabad
216. Where was Indian Open Badminton Championship 2009 held --> Pi Hongyan of France
217. According to a research conducted by healthcare researchers Deloitte, what is India's Rank in Medical Tourism --> second after Thailand
218. N Sundardevan Committee is enquiring into what matter --> Police Action on Madras High Court Campus
219. For the 12th Five Year plan Government of Rajasthan has invited leading power companies to buy how much power --> 2000 megawatt
220. Which team won Vijay Harare Trophy in March 2009 --> Tamil Nadu
221. What is the name of the European satellite launched in 2009, which will show the Inner working of earth, from the movements of ocean currents to the location of oil deposits --> The Goce Probe
222. Italy and Switzerland have decided to redraw their borders . What is the reason of --> global warming dissolved the Alpine glaciers
223. On what date Earth Hour was observed --> March 28, 2009
224. Recently , as per a report a team of researchers are on target to create unlimited quantities of "synthetic" human blood (by British scientists ). What will be the main source of this --> embryonic stem cells from donor embryos universally compatible O-negative blood type
225. Who won the Dubai World Cup 2009 in March 2009 --> Well Armed
226. Recently Charles Simonyi was in news for what --> First Person to Travel in Space Twice as Tourist
227. Which PSU has recently emerged as top profit making central PSU --> ONGC
228. Recently which two Indian companies merged to create 25% approximately of world's total complex refining capacity --> RIL & RPL
229. What was the RIL-RPL merger ratio --> 1:16
230. How many gears are there in Nano --> four forward and one reverse
231. Who has been declared the single largest loser by Forbes Magazine in the global recession as his fortune declines 2/3rd --> Mukesh Ambani
232. Who are the three Indians among the most influential people of 2009 by Time Magazine --> Sonia Gandhi, Ratan Tata and Mukesh Ambani
233. Who won the BNP Paribas Open Championship in march 2009 --> Rafael Nadal
234. Which is the scheme being launched from April to December and is a confidence building exercise to build the confidence of a recessionary world terrorized by the Mumbai attack. Govt. of India announced which scheme to boost tourism recently --> Visit India Year 2009
235. How many members will be elected for the 15th Loksabha --> 543
236. For the first time, in how many constituencies Photo electoral Rolls will be used --> 522
237. In which states delimitation process was not undertaken --> J& K, Arunanchal Pradesh, Assam, Jharkhand, Manipur and Nagaland
238. In which three states assembly elections are taking place simultaneously to Lok Sabha Polls --> AP, Orissa, and sikkim
239. Which south American leader , traveled in India in March 2009 , was conferred a honorary doctorate degree by Madras University --> Chilean President Michelle Bachlet
240. Who is the president of International Cricket Council --> David Morgan
241. Who is the director General of UNESCO --> Koichiro Matsuura
242. In which year Titanic Sank --> 1912
243. Considering the vast potential of energy savings and benefits of energy efficiency, the Government of India enacted the Energy Conservation Act in which year --> 2001
244. Which bank launched Indo Nepal Remittance Scheme --> RBI
245. The National Advisory Committee on Accounting Standards (Nacas), on accounting policies followed by the Indian industry, has favored suspending for two years of which norms --> AS 11
246. By which year India plans to send manned mission to Moon --> 2020
247. India recently signed a pact on biofuels with which country --> USA
248. As per the latest surveys , how much of India's land is clad with trees --> 22%
249. Where was located the military base in central Asia which was voted out by Kyrgyzstan parliament --> Manas
250. Who won the Best Actor award in Oscar 2009 --> Sean Penn


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