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251. What is the full form of STPF --> Special Tiger Protection Force
252. On what date Earth Day is observed --> April 22
253. Who has been appointed as Chief of National Security Guards --> A P Aulakh
254. On march 13, 2009 , which anniversary of www was observed --> 20TH
255. Which award has been given to K Vishvanath Reddy Recently --> Luther L Terry Award
256. Which is world's costliest city --> Tokyo
257. The sole aircraft carrier of Indian Navy recently celebrated its Golden Jubilee. What was the name of the carrier --> INS Viraat
258. Where was held the Aero India 2009 exhibition in February --> Bangalore
259. Who has been appointed Chairman of Competition Commission of India --> Dhanendra Kumar
260. How many years Operation of Rajdhani Express Completed on March 1, 2009 --> 40 years
261. How much money the filmmakers behind the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire have donated to a charity dedicated to educating Mumbai's slum children --> £500,000 (about $900,000)
262. Who will be India's Permanent Representative to the United Nations --> Hardeep Singh Puri
263. (SFIO) has completed the investigation of the Satyam-fraud case and submitted its report to the government. What is SFIO? What was it investigating --> Serious Fraud Investigation Office, Satyam Scam
264. Which move of RIL will enable India's biggest private refiner to revive 1,432 petrol pumps it had put in abeyance --> ending the export status of its old refinery at Jamnagar
265. Satyam Computer Services has been recently acquired by which company --> Tech Mahindra
266. Which policy started the process of full-scale liberalization and intensified the process of integration of India with the global economy --> new industrial policy, June 24, 1991
267. In the new Industrial Policy Announced in 1991 which body was authorized to provide a single window clearance for foreign investments --> FIPB Foreign Investment Promotion Board
268. Bretton Woods Agreement was signed in which year --> 1944
269. Israel is delivering phalcon Awacs to Indian Air Force in May 2009. What is full form of Awacs --> Airborne Warning and Control systems
270. What is the main use of Awacs --> detection of incoming hostile cruise missiles and aircrafts
271. Recently INS Parandu was commissioned. What is INS Parandu --> air station of Navy at Uchipuli in Tamil Nadu
272. Recently the term Tax Heaven was in news. What is a tax heaven --> where foreign people can safely hide their black money
273. Approximately how much Foreign Money is locked in Swiss Banks --> $ 2 Trillion
274. International Criminal Court recently issued arrest warrant for Sudan's President Omar al-Beshir. Genocide was one of the charges included. True / false --> False, charges include crimes against humanity and war crimes
275. Which country was branded as " axis of evil " by George Bush? Iran / Afghanistan / Pakistan / Sudan --> Iran
276. Recently Fifth World Water Forum was concluded on World water Day on March 22. Where --> Istanbul , Turkey
277. Where was the first meeting of World Water Forum held --> Morocco in 1997
278. Where was held the 14th World Conference on Tobacco or Health --> Mumbai , March 8, 2009
279. Where will the 15th World Conference on Tobacco or Health will take place --> Singapore in 2012
280. African Union recently suspended the membership of which nation --> Madagascar
281. What was the reason of African Union to suspend membership of Madagascar --> military forced the elected president from office and handed power to a populist
282. On march 30, 2009, Arab League Summit was held at which place --> Doha, Qatar
283. Recently , which three agreed to continue pushing forward the Six-Party talks aimed at realizing denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula --> China, Japan and South Korea
284. Where was the Earth Hour started --> Sydney in 2007
285. Aditya Puri is related to which bank --> HDFC
286. Information Technology Gyan Kendras is a scheme of which state government --> Rajasthan
287. Recently which north east state government survived a floor test --> Meghalaya
288. Who has taken charge as the first ever Director General of Operations at Air Headquarters in New Delhi --> Air Marshal D C Kumaria
289. Indian Government has appointed whom as the new Chief of the Indian Air Force --> AIR Marshal Pradeep Vasant Naik
290. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has launched new coins of what denomination ? (April 11, 2009) --> 10 Rupee
291. Recently which insurance Giant Launched Credit Card --> LIC
292. Ardhanarishwar, Awara, Masiha, Pankheen, Jane Anjane, Dhalti Raat, Swapnamayi, Nav Prabhat and Doctor are some works of a Hindi Writer who passed away recently . What was his name --> Vishnu Prabhakar
293. The Hoover Medal, an American engineering prize is given since 1930 for "outstanding extra-career services by engineers to humanity". Who was given this award recently --> Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
294. What is the name of actor Chiranjivi's party --> Praja Rajyam Party
295. Luther L Terry Awards are given for outstanding work in which field --> tobacco control
296. Recently ICWAI presented National Award for Excellence in Cost Management 2008 to which Company --> Nangal Unit of National Fertilizers Ltd
297. Where were held the 4th Women's World Awards recently --> Stadthalle F in Vienna
298. Which tourist train recently begged National Tourism Award Under Most Innovative Tourism Product for year 2007-2008 --> Mahaparinirvan Express
299. Mahaparinirvan Express is launched to target which tourism circuit in India --> Buddhist Circuit
300. Who has recently topped the list of top 10 World's Billionaires by Forbes Magazine --> Bill Gates


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