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101. Recently, state which set a new record in country's power sector of signing 3 MOU on a single day --> Karnataka
102. Who took over as new chair man of Air port authority of India --> V P Agarwal
103. From which state Chandrayaan 1 was launched --> Andhra Pradesh
104. Man Mohan Singh is a Rajya Sabha member elected from which state --> Assam
105. Recently which organization found new bacteria in stratosphere --> ISRO
106. Who is the chief minister of Meghalaya who survived floor test recently --> Donkupar Roy
107. President Barack Obama's administration has cleared a sale to India of eight Boeing Co which maritime patrol aircraft --> P-81
108. What is SPQEM --> Scheme for Providing Quality Education in Madarasas
109. Scheme for Providing Quality Education in Madarasas is a scheme launched through which organization --> NIOS National Institute of Open Schooling
110. Recently J& K RTI law was in news. What is this law --> Right to Information Law
111. Where was the 29th SAARC Festival of Literature started in March 2009 --> Agra
112. Recently some banks changes FCNR rates. What is FCNR --> Foreign Currency Non-Resident (Banks) Accounts
113. Which company has recently topped the list of Fortune's most admired company of the world --> Apple
114. A United Nations body working on climate change has rejected a CDM project proposal submitted by Tata Chemicals. What is CDM --> Clean Development Mechanism
115. Where was a harappan era cemetary found recently --> Rohtak in Haryana
116. Who will take over as the next Chief Election Commissioner of India on April 20 --> Navin chawla
117. India has successfully tested the latest land attack version of which supersonic cruise missile at a firing range in Pokhran in the Rajasthan Desert --> Brahmos
118. According to a report released by the World Economic Forum , what is the rank of India in most attractive tourist destinations of the world --> 62
119. Who is the first DG of Indian Air Force --> Air Marshal Naresh Verma
120. Patients' rights as well as the rights of healthcare providers might get legal recognition with the Union health ministry recently drawing up a draft legislation called --> National Health Bill 2009
121. Recently India lifted ban from Import of China's Products. Which products and on what ground they were banned --> Toys, Public health & safety
122. Loksabha polls will be in how many phases & during which time in 2009 in India --> In 5 phases from April 16 to May 13
123. Which company plans to replenish all the groundwater used by the company in India back into nature and become completely 'water
neutral´ by 2012 --> Coca Cola
124. has won an award for the best debt fund house for a three-year performance from investment research firm Morning Star --> ICICI Prudential AMC
125. The Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) started way back in 1795 under British. What was the original name --> Ramgarh Local Battalion
126. The UN sponsored theme for this year's International Women's day was --> Women and men united to end violence against women and girls
127. Colony Collapse Disorder was recently in news. What is it related to --> disappearance of honeybees and the collapse of their communities
128. According to the reports estimate that there are how many tobacco users in India --> at least 120-million
129. Who is the president of Asian Development Bank --> Haruhiko Kuroda
130. India has been divided into how many telecom circles --> 22
131. Which high court has recently criticized the practice of government nominating members of political parties as non-official directors (NoDs) on boards of public sector banks --> Gujarat High Court
132. Which agency controls unit-linked insurance plans (Ulips) --> Insurance Regulatory & Development Authorities (IrDA)
133. Which norms define the risk-related capital adequacy of banks --> Basel II
134. After launching the Nano, Tata Motors is now looking to set up a truck manufacturing plant in which country with support from the
Indian government in the form of financial participation --> Myanmar
135. Which channel is broadcaster to India for the Indian Premier Leagues (IPL) Twenty20 format cricket tournament --> SETMAX
136. In its biggest defense deal with India, which country will provide its largest arms buyer an air defence system at a whopping sum of $1.4 billion --> Israel
137. Where did the first meeting of G-20 take place --> Berlin, on December 15-16, 1999
138. The G-20 is made up of which authorities of 19 countries --> finance ministers and central bank governors
139. In which year the G-20 chair was India --> 2002
140. Where was the last meeting of G-20 held --> Washington DC
141. What is UN-ESCAP --> United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
142. Which actress is set to be the First Indian Face of Barbie Doll --> Aishwarya Rai
143. Which company is the highest profit making PSU in India (awarded by Dalal Street Investment Journal ) recently --> ONGC
144. Which company is the most diversified PSU in India (awarded by Dalal Street Investment Journal ) recently --> GAIL
145. Which company is the Most valuable PSU in India (awarded by Dalal Street Investment Journal ) recently --> NTPC
146. Where is " Freedom Tower" located --> New York
147. Which Indian city has been chosen by Brisbane as it's sister city --> Lucknow
148. Where was meeting between the finance ministers of the G7 countries held in February 2009 in regard to the economical crisis --> Rome
149. Recently, after two decades of hostility Hamas & Fatah the two rival Palestinian groups hold talks for reconciliation. Where were the talks held --> Cairo
150. Where was held the 18th Miss India Worldwide in February 2009 --> Durban , south Africa


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