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1. In which province, the first signs of unrest appeared early in 1857 --> Bengal
2. Who was the leader of the revolt of 1857 in Kanpur --> Nana Saheb
3. Who was the leader of 1857 mutiny in Assam --> Diwan Mani Ram Datta
4. " Sardar Malla" a leader of farmer's revolt in 1857 hailed from which place --> Mysore
5. Who started Kuka Movement in 1840 --> Guru Ram Singh
6. Who was the originator of Indian Awakening --> Raja Ram Mohan Roy
7. Who established TatvaBodhini Sabha --> Devendra Nath Tagore
8. Marco Polo who traveled India during 1298-1292 AD from Italy. During whose reign did he come --> Pandya
9. " Mulk-e-Kadim" was other name of which kingdom --> Maratha Kingdom
10. What was the importance of Mallik Amber in Maratha Kingdom --> he gave training of Guerilla war to Marathas
11. How many forts were returned by Shivaji in Purandhar Treaty --> 23 out of 35
12. Who established Dal Khalsa --> Kapur Singh
13. Who was the leader of the Jat revolt against Aurangazeb --> Gokul
14. From which mines Kohinoor Diamond was found --> Golkunda
15. Whose reign was called the Golden Age of Mughal Era --> Shahjahan
16. 12 rules of conduct " Dastur-ul-Amal were of which mughal emperor --> Jahangir
17. " mansur " was a great painter in whose reign in Mughal Era --> Jahangir
18. " Kariraj" was a title to given whom and by whom --> Akbar to Birbal
19. Who was the first to adopt Din-i-ilahi --> Birbal
20. During the Medieval India who was the only Hindu King to sit on throne of Delhi --> Hemu
21. " Barid-i-Mamalik" was a department established by Shershah Suri . What this department dealt with --> Intelligence
22. Which medieval book was written by Gulbadan Beghum --> Humayunnama
23. Mansabdari system was started by Akbar after which victory --> Gujarat Victory
24. Who adopted the policy of " Hindu-pad-padshahi" --> Balaji Vishavanath
25. " What was Bhandarvada" --> land of Marathas known as in Medieval India
26. In the second round table conference, who represented Congress --> Mahatma Gandhi
27. The famous Bull Seal of Indus Valley Civilization is found at which place --> Mohen Jo Dero
28. In which province Muslim League formed their first government after 1946 elections --> Bengal
29. Which was the Capital of Mughul Empire --> Delhi
30. Who was Tipu Sultan`s father --> Hyder Ali
31. Din-E-Illahi was a religion founded by which emperor --> Akbar
32. Which leader succumbed to injuries in a lathi charge during a protest against the Simon Commission in 1928 --> Lala Lajpat Rai
33. In which year did the first war of Indian Independence took place --> 1857
34. This Indian ruler collected taxes labelled as ‘chauth’ and ‘sardeshmukhi’ --> Shivaji
35. Which famous organisation in the history of Indian independence was founded by Rashbehari Bose --> INA
36. In which Indian city did Shivaji marry --> Bangalore
37. Which British General was responsible for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre --> General Dyer
38. To avenge whose death did Bhagat Singh shoot and kill General Saunders --> Lala LAjpat rai
39. Which of India's greatest freedom fighters got his name because his familywere originally sellers of perfume --> Gandhi from gandha 40. The Chipko movement was found to save trees from destruction. By what name was it known inKarnataka --> Appiko Movement
41. The Hindi classic Padmavat was a work by a Muslim Writer. Name him --> Malik Muhammad Jaisi
42. Kitab-i-rehla is a work by a foreign traveler as an account of his travels. What is the name --> Ibn Batutah
43. " Sulva Sutras" are related to which branch of mathematics --> Geometry
44. Ustad Mansur as a painter started his career during the last few years of which mughal emperor reign as a minor painter --> Akbar
45. The Montague-Chelmsford Reforms were reforms introduced by the British Government in India in 1919. What was their objective --> introduce self-governing institutions to India
46. In which year Queen Victoria's Proclamation assuming the Government of India took place --> 1858
47. Tahqiq-i-hind was a work of which foreign traveler --> Al Beruni
48. Hartog Commission was for the reforms in the area of which field --> Education
49. Fraser commission in 1902 was related to reforms in --> Police
50. The Doctrine of Lapse was an annexation policy devised by which Governor General of India --> Lord Dalhousie


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